Mr Heater Little Buddy Garage Heater Review

Mr Heater Little Buddy Garage Heater Review

You can make use of little buddy propane heaters in holidaymaker vans, RVs, workspaces, storage and smaller spaces, sheds, walled porches, courtyards, garages, decks as they are safe and portable. If you want to discover the reviews of little buddy heater, then here you will get the insight details of the same. The full name of the heater is Mr. Heater “Little Buddy” Propane Heater. In emergency situations, you can get heat from this compact, movable, handy and soothing garage heater. Let’s move on to the features of Mr. Heater so that you can make out what the device holds?

Mr Heater Little Buddy Review

One of the top products of this brand is Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy Propane Heater that is medium in size and intended for indoor safety. I would like to make you aware of the features of this product so that you can get acquainted with it.


  • For 95 square feet garage area, you can take advantage of this indoor portable heater. It holds two heat settings – 4000 and 9000 BTU/HR.
  • Its heating angle is of 45-degree and gives odor-free heat for continuous 5 ½ hours.
  • It uses one-time use propane cylinder that measures 1-pound and enjoys simple on/off buttons.
  • For security, it has low- oxygen measuring device with the accidental tip-over switch that auto shut-off.
  • It is used with propane gas, and BTU is 3.800 per hour.
  • On function, it has built-in one-button ignition. The little floor space is used by 8in round stand.
  • The capacities together with propane cylinder of accumulated dimensions are 18”H x 9” DIA, and without propane cylinder, the weight is 5.85 lbs.
  • The storage space is reduced due to folding- down handle. The wire guard is meant for high temperature.
  • For easy LP cylinder and hose installation, it features swivel regulator.

After talking about the features, let’s give a glance to some particular specifications.


Distance across9.75
Service contractOne year limited
Type of heatRadiant
Fuel usedPropane
Need of ElectricityNo
Highest elevation7000 Ft

From the table as mentioned above, you can gather quick details of Lil buddy heater. Every tool has pros and cons. Here I will make you familiar with the pros of Mr heater little buddy along with the cons which will finally guide you regarding the product.


  • To avoid radiating explosive gasses and elements in the air, it will shut off if the heat supply is low.
  • It will automatically turn off to provide garage safety on the condition of knocked over.
  • It will serve you conveniently due to its portability and will result in high heat output.
  • For easy usage, you can make use of push buttons.
  • Even with the gloves, you can easily operate the large control buttons.
  • For durability and easy replacement, it has ceramic burner tile attached with shock absorbing filling.

All the valuable points mentioned above will make your work easy going, simple and comfortable.

Let’s move ahead on the cons-

  • It is not meant for larger spaces.
  • It heats the people and objects and not the air.
  • It lacks the temperature alterations.
  • It produces condensation and operates max 5.5-hour time.

You must be eager to know how to assemble “Little Buddy” Mr. Heater. To answer your query, I will throw light on the how to draw together the different parts of this device.

  • To the bottom of the head unit thread a propane cylinder and into the base, fix the entire thing firmly.
  • Light the pilot flame and burner by pressing the red ‘on’ button. On heating, you will observe orange color on honeycomb burner matrix.
  • You will have to either ‘on’ or ‘off’ the device as it does not possess the feature of temperature control.

General Information

At a couple of inches, you should crack a window so that fresh air gets in a little bit of fresh air is required for the heater. At the time of running, the burner wire gets hot so make sure before touching or storing you cool down the device. In low oxygen situation, the heater will shut off due to the sensor. In case the “Little Buddy” is collided then fuel supply will be stopped due to tip over shut off. You can easily disassemble the unit for storage after using it. On the whole, this heater is harmless, easy, efficient and cheap to run so it will provide you satisfaction and pleasure along with warmness in chilly weather.

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